Matt Mitchell


Since 1998, Matt has been honing his dance skills; starting with East Coast, he quickly moved into Lindy Hop and other Swing-era dances--with a very short detour into Ballroom. He's studied with top Lindy Hop and Balboa contemporaries as well being influenced by the original greats (Frankie Manning, Dean Collins, Maxie Dorf and Willy Desatoff).

From 2007 through 2011, he was one of the lead instructors for Get Hep Swing (run by the incomparable Valerie Salstrom) and helped choreograph Hustle and award winning Swing routines. He strives to bring solid fundamentals and just-the-right amount of connection to Lindy Hop and Balboa, while creating room for musicality and playfulness. In 2011, he relocated to his home town of Austin where he's enjoyed teaching Balboa for Four on the Floor.

Nationally and internationally, Matt has been an instructor at Boogie By The Bay, the Eastern Balboa Championships, Dance Renaissance, and the Canadian Balboa Championships. He competes regularly in Balboa, consistently making the finals and has several placements at ABW, EBC, and CBC.

He was also a stand-in for Kevin Bacon in Footloose.*

*Recreating the famous dance scene in a skit C'mon, he's not that old.

See Matt in action

Lindyfest 2014 Invitational Balboa Jack and Jill

The Hot Rhythm Holiday 2014 Balboa Invitational Couples in order of appearance: David Bradford & Heather Ballew Jeremy Otth & Laura Keat Kelly Arsenault & Matt Mitchell Teni Lopez-Cardenas & Bobby White Camera Work: Reed Penney Edited by: Ryan Martin