Videos and DVDs are a good learning option If you can't make it to classes and/or you want something to supplement your learning. There are lots of free videos on YouTube that can be inspirational and motivational. However,  learning from a YouTube video can be difficult, especially on your own. Luckily, there are a several instructional DVD series' available. 

Here are two sets of DVDs that we highly recommend and we think are way above the rest:

The Nick and Sylvia series. Nick & Sylvia have a total of seven DVDs available, covering everything from beginner material to advanced moves and variations. Nick and Sylvia are two the best Balboa instructors on the planet, so being able to hear how they break down and explain the dance is invaluable.

The M&K BalSwingPro. Mickey and Kelly have a series of online courses available for dancers of all levels, covering everything from the basics to Slow Balboa (yes, we said Slow Balboa) to advanced Balboa and Swing concepts.