A wonderful way to learn a lot of Balboa (for dancers of all levels) is to attend a weekend workshop. Weekend workshops provide a unique experience that can't be duplicated anywhere else. You'll get an entire weekend of dancing, taking classes from some of the best instructors in the world, and watching inspiring competitions and performances.

Here are some of our favorite events:

  • All Balboa Weekend - This was the first modern Balboa workshop and is now the biggest. It has tons of classes, competitions, dancing, and lots of other fun stuff.
  • Balast Off! - You go because of the name. Need we say more? This fun, unique, space-themed event is held in Hunstville, AL, home to the US Space & Rocket Center. At this event, you will enjoy classes with amazing instructors, social dancing with the friendliest folks in the U.S., and unique competitions that showcase classic Balboa. If you want to get your feet wet as a new competitor, you can sign up for the novice comp! You will also experience the best in Southern dance hospitality; we're talking a cookies and milk party and boozy popsicles, y'all!
  • Balboa Castle Camp - As if you need a reason to travel, but if you do, Balboa Castle Camp is a great reason to visit Germany! You really do get to stay in a castle, too! You also get amazing instruction from world-class instructors, fabulous bands, food, food, and more food, fun...interesting...parties (gotta go to find out what that means), and all-around amazing people. This is the dance vacation to put on your calendar!
  • California Balboa Classic - Aka "CalBal", CalBal is quickly becoming the go-to event for all who love Balboa. Held in sunny Pasadena, you will experience the best music, dancing, competition, and instruction, and you will never want to leave. Don't worry, it happens to us all. CalBal is a must!
  • Hot Rhythm Holiday - An Austin event, and pretty much a no-brainer because it's local! The Hot Rhythm Foundation brings in some of the best instructors in the world to teach classes and judge competitions. In addition, they also offer classes in Collegiate Shag, Lindy Hop, and more. If you like comps, you can compete in Balboa or Collegiate Shag, or just watch and cheer on your friends. You'll get to experience a mix of out-of-town and local bands and some of the best vintage fast dancing around!
  • Great Lakes Balboa Escape - A fabulous summer event held in Chicago! Unique to this event are tracks based on interests, such as social dancing, teaching, or competing. They also have fun theme parties at really cool venues, competitions for those interested, and enough downtime to hang with friends and see the city!
  • Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout - Held in the Fall in beautiful Denver, CO. This fun, regional event springs for Jonathan Stout and His Campus Five featuring Hilary Alexander, world-class instructors, and even someone to teach Yoga! You will get tons of social dancing with great people at this event because there are only two comps, an Open Social and Strictly; less sitting and more social dancing! Oh, and it's close to Halloween, so be sure to come in early and join other dancers for a haunted house tour!