Attending weekly classes is the best way to get started. Qualified instructors help guide you on your journey to becoming the dancer you want to be. You also get to meet and work with wonderful people who, like you, are just starting out. 

Four on the Floor has a great Balboa curriculum with three levels that run monthly.

Balboa 1 - Recommended for absolute beginner, beginner, and beginner-intermediate dancers (because you can never work on fundamentals too much!). Bal 1 is a one-month series designed to get you dancing Balboa from the first week. This class covers basic Balboa connection in Pure Bal and Bal-Swing, the two dances that make up what we call Balboa. You will learn the uphold, or Swing basic, downhold basic, and ad lib steps, as well moves to transition you into Bal-Swing.  This class helps you build the foundation required for more advanced Balboa movement. 

Balboa 2 - Recommended for intermediate and intermdiate-advanced dancers. Bal 2 is a three-month series for dancers that have completed the Balboa 1 series or can demonstrate solid fundamentals. This series covers core Balboa technique and fundamentals, as well as fun stylings and variations. Students should be comfortable with the basic fundamentals of Balboa.

Balboa 3 - Recommended for advanced and advanced plus Balboa dancers. Bal 3 is an ongoing series for dancers who are proficient in most Balboa technique, fundamentals, and movement. This class delves into more technical topics as well as the abstract, and we encourage our top-level students to step out of their comfort zones with group exercises and discussion. Students must be comfortable working with peers, giving/receiving feedback, and asking questions. 

For more information and the class schedule, visit Four on the Floor.